Sizes and chest in cm:                 

XS       S       M        L        XL.                         Pattern chartIcelandic sweater

88       96     102     112      120


Lopi from Thingborg and wool yarn from Thingborg

500-500-550-600-650 g lopi for main color.

50 g lopi or yarn of each 2 colors for yoke pattern.

Dpn nr 3.5 and 5.0

Circular needle nr 3.5  40 and 80 cm long

Circular needle  nr 5.0, 40, 60 and 80 cm long

On cardigan:

Crochet needle  nr. 3.5.

A zipper or 8-9 buttons


14 st and 22 rnd  in st st = 10 x 10 cm

Check tension and adjust needle size if necessary and  if other meterial is used then is recommended above.

Read all the text and take a good look at the pattern before you begin.

Use two threads of Thingborg-lopi.  Body and sleeves are knitted in the round from lower edge to underarms. After the body and sleeves have been joined the yoke is worked in the round over entire sweater. Pattern and dec are worked from chart. On cardigan rnd begins and ends with 2 purl st at front of body. On pullover rnd begins on left side on the back where sleeve begins.


Cast on  124-136-144-156-168  sts  on 80 cm circular needle  nr 3.5, knit rib, 2 st st and 2 purl st  in the round, on cardigan back and forth,  6-8 cm. Change to 5 mm 80 cm cir needle, on cardigan join in a circle and cast on 2 extra st, which are purl kn to the neck. Work st st until body measures 38-44 cm.  (Lenght on body is a matter of taste, measure and decide the lenght)


Cast on 32-32-36-36-40 sts on 3.5 mm  dpn needles, knit rib as on body,  in the round 6-8 cm. Change to 5 mm dpn , K st st, inc 1 st after first st and again before the last st.  Repeat inc  7-7-8-9-9 x up the sleeve with 8 rnd between increases =>  48-48-54-56-60 st. Knit until sleeve measures 44-52 cm from the beginning. Sign where the increases are, for convenience.

Yoke on pullover:

Join sleeves to body as follows: K st st. Put 5-5-5-5-6- last st  and 5-5-5-6-6- first st on both sleeves on a st holder.  Put 10-10-10-11-12 st on body on a st holder where rnd begins on the left side of body.  Knit  38-38-44-45-48 sts across first sleeve, knit across body 52- 58-62-67-72 st  and put next 10-10-10-11-12 sts on a st holder. K 38-38-44-45-48 sts across second sleeve, K  52-58-62-67-72 sts across body (back)  =>180-192-212-224-240 l.  Before K pattern, dec 2 st in sizes M and L, => 180-192-210-222-240 st.  Work pattern from chart and dec as shown.  Change to shorter needles when rnds gets tighter. When pattern is complete dec extra st until 64-72 st are left. Change to 40 cm 3.5 mm circular needle and knit rib  6-8  cm and 4 rnd st st, cast off. Weave in any loose ends and graft underarm sts together.

Yoke on cardigan:

Join sleeves to body as follows: K st st. K 26-29-31-33-36 st of body front, rnd begins next to the 2 purled sts. Put 10-10-10-11-12  sts on st holder and K the first sleeve 38-38-44-45-48 sts and  52-58-62-68-72 sts across body,  put next 10-10-10-11-12  sts of body to a st holder and do the same with the other sleeve and at last  26-29-31-33-36 sts of body, =>180-192-208-224-240 l. In sizes XS and S inc 3 sts before pattern, in size M inc 1 st, in size L inc 1 st and in size  XL inc 3 sts, for the pattern to fit the number of sts. => 183-195-207-225-243 sts. Work pattern and dec as shown. Change to shorter needles when rnds gets tighter. When pattern is complete dec extra sts until 64-72 st are left. Cast off the 2 extra purled sts. Change to 3.5 mm circular needle and K pattern 1  back and forth 6-8  cm and 4 rnd st st, cast off. Weave in any loose ends and graft underarm sts together.

Finishing on cardigan:

Sew with machine and small straight stitches twice into each P st at body front. Cut up between sewn rows.  With the front facing you, use the chrochet needle to pick up st at seam edge for the front band.  Leave one st on body behind. Work from right to the left.  On the left side of the sweater start at the neck where pattern 1 ends, skip every fourth row and finish at lower edge on sweater. On the right side start at lower edge on sweater and work up to the neck by same method. Put the sts on 3.5 circular needle and knit pattern 1, 2 rounds for a zipper, 5 rounds for buttons, cast off evenly. For buttons make button holes on the other side by casting on the needle and decrease instead so the sts will not increase.   To hide the sewing on the inside crochet simple st over the edge and sew down.


Wash the sweater with shampoo in lukewarm water, rinse well and wind in hands.  Lay flat on a towel to dry.

Zipper is to be 2-3 cm shorter then mesured body front after washing. Thread first and  then sew by hands.