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The beginning – The group – The world’s biggest sweater – The mitten competition – The Icelandic Woolschool – The Þingborg wool – The shop.

The beginning

The Þingborg building used to be a school and the local gathering place. The oldest part of the house is from 1927. In 1990 a new building took over and in 1991 a group of women in the area started to meet in Þingborg and work with wool. Soon we took over the house and opened a shop to sell the crafts. A carding machine was put up and we developed methods to work the wool and many articles took shape as can be seen in a wide collection of products. We also started to sell other quality crafts.

The group

During winter the group gathers in Þingborg to get material and sometimes we sit down to spin or to knit. The society has become an important element in many ways and we have organized many events, formal and informal.

The world’s biggest sweater

In 1994 50 women from Þingborg and Ullarselið in Borgarfjörður worked for 18 days total (432 hours) to make the biggest sweater in the world. It is knitted with handspun wool, 179 pieces are sewed together with a black thread. The sweater has been approved be the Guinness Book of Records.

The mitten competition

In the spring of 2000 we held a mitten competition. 174 pairs of mittens came in. A few got rewards and you can see photos of the prizewinners here.

The Icelandic Woolschool

We run The Icelandic Woolschool where we teach individuals and groups all we know about wool.

The Þingborg wool

In the autumn when the lambs are shorn we choose the softest and cleanest wool and wash it with mild soap so it will not loose its natural lanolin and qualities. The „lopi“, which is machine-carded but unspun, is made especially for Þingborg from this wool, it is soft and without synthetic dyestuffs so the natural colours are truly warm and lustrous

Sometimes we divide the two layers of wool, „tog“ and „þel“, (outer- and undercoat) by hand. The “tog“ has coarse, long and lustrous hairs but the “þel” is soft, resilient and warm.

We card wool into easily workable slivers and batts for spinning and felt-making.

Sometimes we dye the wool and/or mix it with angora hair.

We handspin yarn and make soft and warm garments.

We make things out of felt such as hats, mittens, slippers and purses.

The shop

The shop is located by the Ringroad 8 km east of Selfoss in South Iceland. (See link to map on bottom of page.)

Here is a list of what we sell there. Please feel free to write for more information.

The Þingborg Lopi in natural colors made from our specially chosen and treated wool.

Slivers and batts in many colors and wool mixes.

Handspun yarn and naturally dyed yarn.

The traditional Icelandic Sweater; „lopapeysa“, from the very special Þingborg lopi, sold nowhere else.

Sweaters, buttons from bone and horn, mittens, hats, shawls, scarves, socks, tea-warmers, needle-pillows, card-boxes and many more things from our wonderful wool.

Various other quality crafts.

Books about craftwork among other things.

Various instruments for wool crafts.

All our merchandice goes through the hands of the quality committy.

By Þingborg there is plenty of parking space, wheelchair access and restrooms. You are always welcome!

The carding machine

We have a carding machine at Þingborg especially made for making slivers and batts out of Icelandic wool. We take small and big orders for individuals or groups.

We offer:

Batts, 40 cm wide and about 2 meters long. The weight may vary.

Slivers, ready for handspinning or smaller feltwork. We can mix together different colours.

Washed wool

Carding of wool

Slivers and batts:

Natural colours

Mixed natural colours

Natural colours mixed with dyed wool